Monday, March 3, 2014

Small Man in Vial

Several years ago I bought this small wooden man, part of an antique magic set, in Paris, near the Luxembourg Garden (the shop is called "Librarie Thierry Corcelle"; feast your eyes:

Tonight I decided to put him in an empty glass vial, and I was so pleased with the result--in terms both of aesthetic composition and existential implication--that I decided to blog it.

Happy Monday night--

"Dan Chiasson"


  1. He's a poet, I agree. A magician who has lost his powers. He wished for immortality but forgot to stipulate the terms.

  2. You should put some glitter in there with him to symbolize the illusory and inherently cheap importance man places on his immediate "reality", the colorful but useless means of distracting himself from a universe he must only gaze through his cage to see...

    (Plus it would be shinier that way)